The Divine Polarity

2001-3-8 00:47:00

Some express amazement that we could state that Love and Light were the first manifested duality. One objection is that many have the belief that pure light and love are beyond Duality. There is also the belief that Love has no opposite. Fear, they say, is not the opposite of Love because fear has its roots in illusion and Love is in the real.

The truth is that Love is a higher reality than fear, but not the ultimate reality and it is true that fear is not its opposite, but nevertheless, it does have an opposite and that opposite is Light.

There are others levels of reality, and each level up brings us closer to the real. Just as there was a more real world above the dream state in the movie "Matrix," even so is there a higher reality above the state we are in now and that reality is more real than the present one.

There are three realities that most of us are conscious of:

The first is the dream state. This seems real when we are in it but then when we awake we find the awake state is more real than the dream state. The waking state also encompasses the dream state, but the dream state cannot encompass the waking state.

The dream and waking state both have certain qualities that overlap and qualities that differentiate.

For instance fear can exist in both states, but continuity of events and form only exists in the waking state.

A third state is Soul Consciousness that we can enter through meditation or after death. Our reality is a part of this greater reality but does not encompass it, but Soul Consciousness encompasses our reality. In this higher reality we see a universe so real that it seems that we have arrived at the ultimate for we realize that it is much more real than our physical world. In this higher reality we leave fear behind and the higher reality of Light and Love is manifest in ways that cannot be understood by the material conscious mind.

But even though many believe this to be the ultimate reality beyond duality, it is neither ultimate nor beyond duality.

The question is -- how then are Light and Love opposites?

To understand we must define them.

What is Light?

Light is that which is radiant and reveals truth. Look up at the night time sky and pick a twinkling star trillions of miles away. There it is radiating light to the entire universe revealing the truth of itself to all who have eyes to see.

What is Love?

Love is the opposite of radiation which sends forth. Love is magnetism which pulls together. When you love someone you are magnetically drawn to them.

Thus Light is that radiance which divides the One into the Many, and Love is that magnetic force which pulls the Many back into the One. They are very much opposite, and this duality is at the basis of creation of all there is that can be seen (light) or felt (love).

The only thing which is truly beyond illusion is the third great energy of Purpose from whence Love and Light owe their origination. But even Purpose is not "that which is not," but that which is not understood.