Soul of the Universe

2001-3-3 16:51:00

Blayne writes:

"Just as sort of an aside. I think of the Holy Spirit as the Holy Mother rather then an abstract spirit."


An interesting note on this observation is that in a fragment of the Gospel of Peter this disciple called the Holy Spirit female.

I have enjoyed your presentations Susan. You are doing a good job in placing a new slant on the material and I'm sure you are turning on more lights than you know.

My main motive in asking [associate] teachers [from the Keys] to help at present is my lack of time and other projects I am involved in, but on hindsight I think it was a good move for the growth of the list as a whole. I am enjoying the presentations from the new teachers and I am sure you are also. Let me encourage you to show them appreciation for their dedication and do what you can to participate in whatever way you feel comfortable.

Susan seemed to absorb a key principle which was in my writings which I am sure many have missed and is good to emphasize and expand upon.

In response to your quote from my book "The Molecular Relationship:

"The current creative life, the human, has within him all the wavelengths and is the soul of the universe, the mediator between God and matter."

"Man is the soul of the universe" is a statement which is indeed worthy of further contemplation.

As we have said earlier soul is that door that opens spirit to matter and matter to spirit. It is that divine point where spirit and matter interplay. It is represented symbolically as that point where land, water and air meet which is nether wet not dry that provides the standing place where the disciple's feet are to stand, the place where the magic power of spirit is brought down into the world of form.

Let us examine the law of correspondences here and compare that which is above with that which is below.

The soul which is "below,":

The "Soul" which is above is humanity living on millions of planets throughout the universe. The largest difference between higher soul (humanity) and lower soul (the interplay within us) is that humanity is only at the beginning of its mission in relation to the universe whereas the microcosmic soul has reached relative perfection.

Therefore, we can obtain a glimpse at the destiny of mankind by examining lower soul and projecting what humans will do on a higher turn of the spiral.

Examine the four statements concerning soul above and give your impressions of our destiny in relation to the universe and how we will indeed live up to being the soul of the present universe we see about us.