The Name of God

2001-1-16 00:26:00

Peter asks an interesting question:

I just recently read the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by Levi and found myself contemplating on several versus. One of them has to do with God's name. You mentioned that a a more accurate translation from the Hebrew writings regarding the name of God is: I AM BECOMING THAT WHICH I DECIDE TO BECOME (EHYEH ASER EHYEH). I understand this but what did Levi mean in 96:17 "The name of God man may not speak with carnal lips; with Holy Breath alone can man pronounce the name."

Also, it is mentioned several times within the book that Jesus always spoke "the Word" before he performed a healing/miracle. In this book, Jesus mentions that the "Word" is only revealed to those who are one with the Holy Breath. Is this "Word" the name of God?

To this a welcome new member, Ralf, gives an excellent commentary:

"Magical speech is intended to travel through other media and to other senses than hearing. Vocalizing the message is good for focus, but it is in the energy that the words are given that the key lies to their magical use."

You cannot pronounce the name of God by merely being taught the letters or normal sounds that you commit to memory and repeat.

The name of God must be spoken on four levels. These levels are the physical, emotional, mental and the soul, or spiritual.

The essence of the name is realized when the speaker understands that he is to BECOME as he decides to become when that decision is in harmony with the will of God. If we are one with God then all decisions will align automatically with that Will for our vision of the perfected future will be seen through eyes of higher understanding.

The name of God includes more than your own becoming for in the end all souls are one. Becoming, or evolving toward ultimate perfection within the various spheres, is the destiny of all the sons and daughters of mankind. Therefore, when you see a brother in need and you see him as becoming perfect with you, you are speaking the name.

The four levels it must be spoken are elaborated as follows:

(1) The physical.
This has been physically represented in a number of different ways - Yahweh, Jesus Christ, Allah, Krishna etc. In addition to this there have been special sounds given to initiates and methods of intoning them. But there is another way to physically sound the name of God. In the midst of healing you will be given a mystic phrase corresponding to the BECOMING that is to transpire. This phrase is usually spoken and communicated by the healer to the mind and soul of the person for whom it is intended.

One (of many) of these phrases spoken by Jesus, for example, was: "thy sins are forgiven you."

This was what this person needed to hear to BECOME well.

This was given through the soul, at this particular time, to Jesus as a name of God to be spoken as intoned by the Holy Spirit.

(2) The Emotional.
The name the initiate speaks must be sent forth with a fullness of feeling and love as it is understood on the emotional plane.

(3) The Mind
The mind must see the name BECOMING perfectly manifest. If a healing is being performed then the vision of wholeness (holiness) must be seen.

"Perfection brings imperfection to the surface. Good drives evil from the form of man in time and space." Djwahl Khul

(4) The Spiritual
The key word here is understanding. The name of God must go forward with understanding. You understand that you are a sower of seeds and the seed is the name (word) of God and you are planting this seed in your brother who is in need. You understand that if there is interplay on all four levels then nothing can prevent the BECOMING of the seed and the manifestation of healing and wholeness.

What I present here is only a seed thought in the direction of understanding the name of God, but if one allows the seed to be planted, nurtured and grown to fruition then such a one will go forward and do "even greater works" than did Jesus as he predicted.