Be of Good Cheer

2001-1-10 00:45:00


You say you are your own woman, but I wish you demonstrate this a little more.

For instance you say:
"and I can thank Chris for giving me the space to speak my truth as honestly as I feel to express it."

Why does Chris have to give you space? You are a member of the list with your own e-mail address and your own space. You do not need his permission to write here.

You write exactly like Christopher, the same style of writing, the same type of poetry, the same resistance to every line I teach, but what disturbs me is you have same morbid descriptions of pain suffering, torture, and descriptions of evil people past present and future in your writings.

I am very close to my wife but if you were to meet her or read anything she writes you would see a totally different person than myself. I thank God for this for she compliments me in many ways. If I was living with someone exactly like me my life would be in great disorder.

Even so, I think you ought to exert a little individuality and I have just the area where I think you should concentrate.

For instance in your last post you wrote:

"BTW ... how would you have dealt with a 16 year old girl who told us today that her highly religious grandmother buried her dead babies in the backyard under the apricot tree ... and as a child she knew and had always known and being told she was just 'imagining it'"

Have you ever asked yourself why you draw so many people with such pain in their pasts???

How about focusing a bit on the good in people and the possibility of a bright and happy future? By helping Chris shift his consciousness maybe you can draw some bright and happy people into your lives that will give you some cause to smile.

Sure there are a lot of people with problems, but like draws like and if you are cheerful and optimistic you will draw to you people who do not have memories of bodies buried in their backyards or were painfully abused by priests and authorities etc.

You have a great opportunity to help Chris to develop a more cheerful cooperating Spirit so perhaps the majority of people on the list would be happy to see a post from him rather than letting out a sigh and groan because they feel negativity lies therein.