Re: (OT) Village Idiot

2001-1-4 17:29:00

Overall we should be able to trust Bush to make reasonably intelligent decisions. He seems to be surrounding himself with intelligent people and this is a good sign.

Thank you, JJ, for posting this. I feel much better about it now. However, I am still concerned if Bush will be the next president to be assassinated in office since he is about the 8th president elected in a 0 year and the others died in office. I don't have that list any more.

So should we be sending light and love to Washington to help to protect him?

Love, Light, Peace and Harmony

I heard an interesting twist on this from a noted astrologer.

He said the death blow to Bush came from the election controversy. In other words, his presidency itself was assassinated by the hanging chad.

Let us hope this is all there is to the Saturn problem of the zero year elections in this round.