2000-12-25 10:43:00

Keith writes:
The study of semantics or language can never apprehend truth, absolute or otherwise. Truth is experiential. The living soul is experienced internally through soul contact. If you think truth can be understood through arguing semantics, then you should read St. Aquinas or St. Anselm. Proving or disproving a proposition about the nature of truth through semantics, is an empty and lifeless task. Semantics will trap you in a hall of mirrors.

On the other hand, without semantics we wouldn't even be here talking on the internet and the loss would be the sharing of truth.

Yes we learn truth through experience, but for each experience there are words to communicate the truth of that experience to a like-minded soul. The key is to seek with an honest heart to communicate truth as experienced rather than concentrating on the words themselves.

I have experienced that two apples plus two apples equal four apples and have never experienced otherwise nor do I know anyone who has ever experienced any variance to this common experiential knowledge.

Truth is simple. It is what is. When we experience 'what is' then we know the truth whether it be 2+2=4 or the Light and Love of God Itself.

Meanwhile, I am waiting here for Santa Claus to have an experience with him.