The World Citizen

2000-11-30 11:59:00

Your post was on topic and helpful Chris.

I haven't read enough of Icke to give an accurate judgment, but I must admit that calling Bush a shape shifter who drinks blood to stay human is a stretch.

Now if he would have called Gore a face shifter that would have been easier to digest.

To give him a fair shake let me throw this out.

His web page is at:

How about if members of the group go to his page, read a couple articles and post their thoughts pro or con.

Keith brought up another concept that will come to the foreground more as the new age comes in:

World citizenship.

Now we are not talking about citizenship in a world wide dictatorship that many fear, but citizenship in the free world which is to come.

What do you suppose should be the rules which should govern the world citizen?

I think others are already promoting the idea. How about if several of you search the web to see what concepts of world citizenship are being promoted and report.

"He that hath two navels is born again."