2000-11-23 18:58:00

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends--even to you poor folk outside of the U.S. who do not get the day off.

I'm kicking back--relaxing and we are going to visit my wife's mother for Thanksgiving dinner soon.

I personally think that the various holidays are one of the most positive aspects of our world-wide culture. There is always more goodwill during them and people as a whole are more cheerful and reflective of positive things in life.

It saddens me when I see a large percentage of them condemned by those with fanatical beliefs calling Halloween evil, Christmas anti-God or Thanksgiving as hypocritical.

Look at the current perception, and then encourage that which is positive to magnify and grow.

How can dwelling on Thanksgiving--or the spirit of peace and love at Christmas ever be a bad thing?

Maria, I do not mind being chastised now and then, especially if it is deserved but you are criticizing me for what I do not teach rather than what I do. I will take full responsibility for what I do write, but not for that which I dot not write or speak.

I think the problem is what you felt I said rather than what I did say.

I have never--NEVER, NEVER said that the emotions should be disregarded, suppressed, eliminated or not be allowed to express themselves. I have tried to make this clear to you in several recent posts so let me herewith repeat this in crystal clear language so hopefully I will not be accused of this again.

I have written quite a bit about the roll of emotion and the problems caused by suppression in many of my writings before you arrived here so I do not want to repeat myself too much.

When there is a negative emotion, the emotional body will not correct itself. The negativity must be corrected with the assistance of another who helps the emotion work through or by the mind of the individual. When the mind has understanding and sees the value of working through the negativity then it can decide to follow a path to render harmless the negative emotion.

The solution is to NEVER suppress and this I have taught over and over. The solution is also to NEVER negate emotion and this I have taught over and over. The solution is for the mind to understand the cause of negative emotion and then direct the emotion into harmless release.

To escape the power of authority the mind must become involved for if it is attempted through emotion alone there will only be a rebellion from one authority which will be replaced by another. Without the aid of the mind the final centering on the God within cannot be maintained on a permanent basis.

Next Marina writes:

"So, JJ, how would you like to wake up one day only to be surrounded by Thought-Police... to tell you what is right and what is wrong by LAW... to turn you to a robot machine to only think... and not feel... and not allowed to express your emotions because that is low class attitude and it is not allowed... To govern each and single one of us... by hypnotic distance controls...... suppressing both of our emotions and thoughts... This is the solution?"


What this has to do with anything I have written is beyond me. It may be good for you to review our discussions on the Pendulum Principle and the path of the Middle Way where we point out that both extremes from the center of truth are destructive.

"In the beginning the head of the Gods called a council of the Gods; and they came together and concocted a plan to create the world and people it."

--Joseph Smith