The New Age

2000-11-21 11:57:00

In response to my last post Chris wrote:

"This statement is absolutely correct."


Wow, Chris, coming from you that is a compliment. I might also note that your post was right on the general trend of the topic and gave additional food for thought.

I will return the affirmation by agreeing with the following statement of yours:

"BTW JJ, my experience is that, if i do look to see a person's aura, i have to shift the reference point for my 'seeing' a number of times in order to see what another is seeing."


Indeed there are other ways of knowing besides psychic vision and different people are given different gifts. In the end though, each of us must follow that which registers with "the highest we know." Ideally that would be through soul contact, but even if it is not the rule still applies for if we are true to the highest within ourselves the soul will eventually manifest.

Dehara asks what I mean by the term "New Age."

It's pretty simple. We are moving from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. We will be securely into this coming new age in about 150 years and most expect this to be an enlightened age of brotherhood and peace as well as human advancement. Right now we are in the transition phase and the division between the old age and new age thinking is coming into greater contrast.

The Questions:

How indeed then has female energy been strong in manifestation during the past 2000+ years?

The new age we are entering, on the other hand, is seen as being one of more equality between the sexes, giving the female more power which she deserves. How can this be when the ages are shifting from female to male in polarity? How will male energy manifest in the coming age as opposed to the strong female energy in the past age?

Glenys starts with a good answer:

"So in the Age of Pisces we find an emphasis on personal desire and the development of the individual, a dependence on outside authorities such as church and state with blind authority to both, duality in all aspects but especially manifested in the concept of 'God outside us' and the need for a world saviour to free us and personal sacrifice as a means of redemption.

"The primary polarization of the Age of Pisces has been emotional - a negative, feminine energy."


Ragnhild gave a long answer on this one, but it was so good I thought I would quote the whole thing.

"It has been strong in the sense that focus has been on matter. Science has been trapped in matter; religion would escape matter all together. (Another way of being trapped) The split between thinking and emotion was so profound that it must be a characteristic of the Piscean Age.

"It's thought provoking that an age of strong female polarity was so suppressive of female energy. The whole female aspect of life was strongly suppressed: body and/or matter, emotions and females were seen as secondary (in worth) to male energy.

"The whole essence of the Piscean credo is more in response with the more inclusive way of the female mind, I think, but as the emotions are reactive women were passive. Perhaps the chaos and troubles men created during the time with crusades and wars were a reaction to the strong feminine pull? Although thinking is a positive energy, males' response to the Piscean energy was subjective thinking, or thinking limited by ego.

"It's interesting to note that Pisces initiates a new cycle on the spiral of evolution. (I take it that Aries-Pisces marks the division between cycles even though the precession of the equinoxes moves backwards in the signs?) It came after 2000+ years of the Arian Age, the most heavily masculine sign.(Imagine!) Could it be that the essence of the previous age will to some extent color the next one? It could explain the aggression and the many wars....."


In addition, Ivan made a good point by noting that the church was called the "Mother Church." Yes, this powerful mother church gave birth to tremendous friction and battles fought out by males.

Now for my summary:

Ragnhild spoke correctly when she pointed out that Pisces, the most female charged age, followed Aries the strongest in male polarization. This indeed did cause a carryover of male dominance amid the strong female emotional energy of Pisces.

Another important point is that the path of involution is dominated by female energy whereas the path of evolution is dominated by male. The female is the savior of the male in the fact that she leads all life into experience making Eternal Becoming possible. The male is the savior of the female in the fact that when the problems of the world of experience become manifest, he will lead the female out of matter back into the world of Spirit.

The days of Atlantis marked the beginning of the shift from female to male polarization which was consummated with the first coming of Christ.

Christ represented the ideal male who is to lead us to Spirit. Unfortunately the age of Pisces gave us many males who gave us terrible examples of what the ideal male was supposed to present, but the example of Christ lives on and during the coming age of Aquarius, which has a slight male charge, the male will be more in his energy and be able to set a better example of his destiny. This in turn will give the female fewer restrictions and more freedom to master her own destiny.

Pisces was dominated by water which is a symbol of emotion and the Sixth Ray which produces idealism which sometimes leads to fanaticism. A casual reading of the history of the past two thousand years does indeed reveal a very highly emotional era. The Crusades, the emotional rule of the "mother" church, the emotional burning of witches and heretics, the persecution of the saints and scientists... All of these and more are caused by blind emotion obscuring the reasoning of mind.

Pisces is also on the mutable cross which causes a "go with the flow" attitude as far as energy goes. The funny thing is that we often hear this phrase from New Age people, not realizing that this is the mantra of the passing age and not the Aquarian Age.

Thus the energy of the mutable cross caused the people of the last two thousand years to go with their feelings with very little thought involved.

The Aquarian Age switches from water to air. Air is the symbol of mind. The beginnings of this age were manifest at the writing of the Constitution of the United States. We are now about half way into the full manifestation of the New Age.

It is interesting to note that on the Great Seal of the United States is written:

"Novus Ordo Seclorum" -- which is translated as "New Order Of The Ages."

"Government of the people, by the people and for the people" is definitely one of the keynotes of the New Age.

The power of mind (air) has given us all the great scientific advances we have made, especially in the past 100 years. This is also due to the influence of Uranus which stimulates discovery.

Uranus is also governed by the Seventh Ray which stimulates order through law.

It is interesting to note that many who see themselves as enlightened are often disrespectful of law, but just law will bring the order necessary to the nations to insure that a peaceable brotherhood can be established.

The Seventh Ray also governs business, and as we discussed earlier, the business world will play a large roll in manifesting the most wonderful age in recorded history.

Aquarius is also on the Fixed Cross which produces an influence much different than the Mutable Cross of Pisces. The "go with the flow" idea will fade out and be replaced with a more adventurous attitude of going against the flow, or "bucking the system" of unjust authority -- the path of high resistance as we discussed earlier.


How is the battle between new and old age influences being fought out with the present USA presidental election conflict between Al Gore and George W. Bush?

Is it possible that we may go backward a few steps before we make another significant leap forward?


"I teach men correct principles and let them govern themselves."
  -- Joseph Smith