Staying the Course

2000-10-23 10:49:00

Welcome Denise and other new members. Most of the teachings I am presenting here are not directly related to the future keys that will be presented in The Immortal series. Some will be touched on, but I am attempting to not cover or reveal too much about the future keys at present. On this list I am seeking to either shed new light on old topics or present new principles only hinted at in past teachings.

I am amazed at the complaints lately that some feel they are not being treated with equality. For one thing this is a class and not some bureaucratic organization where we are charting a course of action. This class exists independent of any other project I may be involved in and the rules are already established. If there is any change of rules the decision will be made by Rick for it is his list. I personally think the rules we have set up are fine for present purposes and the only reason to change them may be growth where we have to deal with a large number of posts or belligerent postings.

There is no in-crowd or out-crowd as far as this list is concerned. Each post is looked at by me (and most others) as an individual entity and judged by its merits as it relates to the whole and the topic. I do not have time to comment on every post and many of the old timers have to put up with their posts not being mentioned as do the new ones. There are many postings by the old and the new in which others find inspiration and there is just not time to comment on or do them justice with praise.

Most members who have been with us for a while understand this and understand my limited time. But even when I have more time free I will shift to other important work and many may still feel overlooked. If one wants to get the most out of this list he should not be here seeking praise or acknowledgement, but to learn and share his thoughts without attachment to the outcome. Seek to tune in to the oneness principle and you will get a sense of appreciation for your words beyond what is written as response here.

How many of you who feel that you have been shorted on attention go out of your way to praise or acknowledge a post of another who may be encouraged by a response? Perhaps we should take the example of the new movie and Pay it Forward. This is a great movie, by the way, and a great stimulus to encourage soul contact.