Methods of Approach

2000-10-12 09:53:00

One of my daughters came to visit with us yesterday and I spent some time showing her what I have been doing lately with the group - explaining a little about our list, my writings etc. I think I was about to put her to sleep until we surfed over to Rick's web pages about Petra and then her eyes lit up and I believe she read the whole thing. This just illustrates that if one approach does not work with people that another will. Your efforts are appreciated Rick.

As I have been reading Paul lately I have been seeing him as an entity or person more than just his writings and a thought has been coming to my mind that may help us to understand him a little better. Djwahl Khul often has talked about the difference of method between the Eastern approach to truth and the Western. He points out that the oriental approach is to still all things and seek the inner God in silence with peaceful surroundings. On the other hand, he points out that the Western approach must be to find the silence in the midst of turbulence and noise, which thing is not a comfortable approach for the eastern mind.

I thus see that what seems to be a big difference between Paul, and I is largely from this difference of approach and this difference of approach causes us both to see and write from different perspectives. For instance, I would bet that Paul likes peaceful surroundings when he seeks for greater light, but to me this is not important. I receive some of my greatest light in the midst of noise and turbulence. I would venture to say that I represent the quintessential western seeker and he would represent the quintessential eastern approach. I would also guess that eastern peoples would appreciate his method of approach more than this list does. It would be interesting to see how the East would receive me. Maybe I will have that opportunity some day.

That said - I do respect his mental integrity but we still have some real differences in teaching. For instance he says: "This is not to say that J.J.'s statements are invalid or wrong. This is merely to say that these are not practical means of soul intuition or truth verification."

But they have been practical for me Paul and have led me to considerable soul contact and higher knowledge. There is one interesting argument which no one can refute. If a thing works or if you can actually do a thing then IT IS.

The mind reflects the soul and thus the mind can lead us to the soul - after all the plane of the mind is where the Masters can be found.