Delivering Babies

2000-9-14 10:56:00

There is just time for a short post tonight. Let me add some thoughts as you consider Mother Teresa and then I shall shortly give my comments.

The truth at the midway point is not usually a piece of data, but a true and accurate direction to obtain the most desirable of results.

To obtain a desirable result there is always a wrong extreme on the left and on the right. On the other hand, there is always a way to achieve the goal.

For instance, if you get the flu you can go one extreme and take many medicines that do not work and may even make the condition worse. On the other extreme, you may do nothing for yourself or even go out in the freezing cold.He who follows the middle way discovers the path which will bring health at the earliest possible moment. The two extremes usually accomplish nothing, but the middle way brings the most efficient results.

As a side note to the lady having the baby without doctors, my first wife and I had all our children at home. I delivered six out of seven: one of them had a cord around his neck and with another I had to turn the body to get him out. They were not easy labors either as the average was about 30 hours.

Everyone thought we were crazy including the authorities in the church. We were lucky we were not thrown out at that time. Many times my wife came home in tears because someone told her that her that the baby would probably die. Most of our children were born in the 70's when no one was having home births let alone delivering their own, so everyone we knew were very alarmed at us for being "extreme."

But from the viewpoint of the middle way were we being extremists?

By the way, all the children were born well and healthy and the average weight was about ten pounds. The largest was 13.5 lbs.