The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 6


Day 51

I seek to be pure in heart

As you can see, the path to soul contact has many obstacles blocking the way. Even though there are many more yet to cover do not be discouraged. When you acquire power to remove one obstacle you will be given added strength so the removal of others will be easier. Good advice then is to focus on problems you can solve and the next steps will be revealed.

The soul, wherein lies the consciousness of Christ, resides at the very heart of your being and is pure as the driven snow. Because like attracts like your heart must also be pure so your heart will merge with the heart of God. If it is not pure the two hearts will not attract and a barrier is set up which must eventually come down.

What does it mean to be pure in heart and what prevents it?

Shakespeare leads us in the right direction:

“This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

Alfred Lord Tennyson said these inspiring words:

“My strength is as the strength of ten because my heart is pure.”

A pure heart is one that is not corruptible because it does not corrupt. The impure heart will encounter things that are true and then distort that truth in order to gain an advantage in this illusionary material world.

Politicians are famous for distorting truth so they, or their side, can benefit. Many others encounter and succumb to the temptation to distort truth to get ahead in their profession, yet there are a few pure in heart among all categories of people. The seeker must seek to be one of these.

The cause of distortion leading to impurity must be examined. Why does one distort the truth? He does so because he is caught in an illusion that the truth will not get him what he desires. Instead, he feels that a distorted version of it will yield the results he wants.

Let us look at an example:

A bill comes up in Congress that Congressman Bob does not like. He will definitely vote against it. Then others add an amendment that will benefit the school lunch program. If that stood alone he would vote for it but he is strongly against the main measure so he feels he must vote against the bill as a whole.

He then explains to his constituents why he voted against the bill saying that when a revised school lunch bill comes up he will probably vote for that.

Meanwhile fellow Congressman Bill from the opposing party smells red meat and immediately attacks Congressman Bob through the media accusing him of wanting to stave poor children because he did not vote for the bill.

There was only a grain of truth in Bill’s words but much distortion.

Of course, politicians are far from alone in using these impure distortions. A used car salesman may give a warped impression of the car he is pitching, the spouse may give a very imaginative version of why he is late, a preacher may distort the meaning of a scripture…

The pure in heart will do his best to present reality as it is perceived and he will attempt to perceive correctly. In essence, he will follow the highest he knows.

The assignment today is to reflect on your own purity and answer to yourself these questions.

Do I accurately perceive the world around me or does my bias distort it?

Do I yield to distorting the truth when it gives me an advantage?

Think back to the last time you were in trouble with work or in a relationship. Did you distort the truth to save yourself?

During the next day pay special attention to all your written or spoken communications and ask yourself, “Am I presenting the truth without distortion to the best of my ability?

At the end of the day offer this prayer: “Inspire me to communicate without distortion that I may be among the pure in heart.”


A reader asks:

You’ve said in the past that what one says should be truth but for various good reasons, not necessarily all of the truth. Doesn’t this also cause a distorted version of reality, regardless if it is for good reason or not?


I thought that some savvy reader may ask this question.

In the past I have quoted the scripture which says, ”It is the glory of God to conceal a thing” and stated that it is not a negative thing to restrain from spilling all your guts and give all details when relating facts. One must make sure hat what he is relating is true.

Is God then not pure in heart because he conceals many secrets?

What he does reveal is true and the distortion of truth is not caused by him but by the person piecing things together and coming to the wrong conclusions which actually contradict what has been given out.

The distortion talked about is caused by taking known truths and purposefully relating them in such a manner to to produce an untruth in the mind of the listener, such as the politician presenting the conclusion that his opponent wants to starve children. Nothing the opponent said indicated he wanted to starve children.

The disciple seeks to relate the facts as accurately as possible and deal with them instead of adjusting them to fit his desires.


Day 52

I will examine my motives

Yesterday we talked about the importance of honest communication as a quality possessed by those who are pure in heart. The second aspect necessary is motive. What motivates you to do what you do?

It may run contrary to many popular notions if I say that all life from the least to the greatest is motivated by self interest.

Many will equate this with selfishness and disagree, perhaps pointing out that Jesus was far from selfish.

What must be realized is that selfishness and self-interest are two different things. For instance, we are told that Jesus going to the cross was motivated by self-interest.

“Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.” Heb 12:2

So we are told here that Jesus endured the cross, not just for us, but “for the joy that was set before him.” In other words, as difficult as his mission was, the end result turned out to be a benefit for him and this was part of his motivation.

Does this mean he was selfish?

Not at all – at least not by the way the world defines selfishness.

So what is the difference between self-interest as pursued by Jesus and selfishness?

Consider this: All have self-interest, but all are not selfish. Selfishness involves placing the interests of self, from a materialistic short range point of view, above that of others. Some are so selfish that they will hurt others when it seems to advance their agenda.

The key to understanding true self-interest is this: He who is motivated by selfishness is deceived, for selfishness does not result in advancing the betterment of self, or true self interest.

The deceived selfish person only looks at the near future and material values in making is decision. The wise person who looks after the real interest of the whole self looks to the far future and considers spiritual as well as material values. He realizes that he cannot obtain real advancement for self without helping others, neither can he experience lasting joy by himself alone.

True self-interest will move not only self, but many others along the spiritual path.

When the true beneficial interests of self are seen, and the person acts on them, he will be seen as one who is not selfish at all but dedicated to the service of others. He will be seen as being pure in heart for he can see without distortion the path of advancement.

The pure in heart then will have pure motive, not focused on the temporary needs of the ego, but on the good of the whole. He will not seek to glorify the lower self, but let his words and works speak for themselves.

The assignment today is to examine your motives for your important decisions of life. Ask yourself what you motive was in selecting your mate, deciding to have children, your choice of career, your choice of friends, the things you have purchased, the skills you have acquired, your labor of love and more.

How many of your decisions did not look far enough ahead and fell short of true self-interest? End with this thought for the day:

“I see that my true self interest involves loving and serving my neighbor as myself.”


Day 53

My Soul and I are one

The Master said:

“Whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.” Matt 16:25

This statement has many profound implications that we shall merely touch upon.

The life of the ego, or lower self, includes the body, the lower emotions and brain thinking. This life is temporary and represents a projected dream of the soul. It is impossible to save that which is temporary. Thus, no matter how much you try to save it, you will still loose it.

Imagine being asleep and dreaming of being a pirate. You have amassed great treasure which you want to preserve. You feel yourself beginning to wake up, but you wish to save this life so you will yourself to sleep some more. Does your awake self really want to continue the dream forever and have you ever remain in a state of lesser consciousness defending a treasure that does not even exist in reality?


If you were able to save that life you could not awake and would lose real life. But if you recognize that dream for what it is you can let it go and awake to a greater life and consciousness.

After death we eventually reunite with the soul, our higher self, and it is as if we have awakened from a dream. The great secret is that we do not have to wait until death to unite with the soul. We can do it in this life and become awake even though we are still technically asleep.

Have you ever had a dream that you knew was a dream and the real you participated in it? This will happen on a higher level when solid soul contact is made. You will then realize that what you are in this physical world is only a small portion, or shadow of your true self, and by uniting with your higher self you can begin to separate the real from the unreal.

If you seek to save this life and all the ego holds dear you will lose the higher true life for you will retain the misplaced emphasis on value. On the other hand, if you are willing to let go of all the world esteems as having great value and see that the only real true thing of worth is life eternal then you will acquire a oneness with this life in the here and now. You will save your true life and will not have to wait for any death of the body or resurrection.

“And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.” John 11:26

When the seeker becomes one with the soul, which has the consciousness of Christ, he “is passed from death unto life.’ John 5:24

The greater life is the only one worth saving.

In reality the greater life is never lost, but we are detached from it as the dreamer is detached from awareness of his true being. It is only a matter of time before we wake up. The decision is whether to seek the greater life now or remain trapped in the dream as a prisoner of the lower self for an indefinite time.

Your assignment today is to merely reflect on the idea that you are the dream of the soul and that there is a greater part of you with greater awareness outside of this state of illusion. Look within your mind and sense that this higher self is there willing to be contacted and assist you in waking up.

You must first believe in its existence before contact can be made.

Throughout the day reflect on what it would be like to commune with your soul and attempt to feel its presence.

Consider this thought:

“My soul and I are one as my soul, Christ and God are one.”


Day 54

I will find true love

Even the greatest tyrants claim to love and fall in love. Herod fell so in love with the daughter of Herodias that he was willing to give her half his kingdom. Instead, she asked for the head of John the Baptist, to which he obliged.

This romantic love of which all taste, draws people into relationship and is shared by the good and the bad among us, Surely love is not defined by this feeling alone.

It is not.

We could say there are two kinds of love, a carnal and a spiritual one, but it would be more correct to say there are two levels. The first is centered in the material world and the second in the spiritual

Even though the two loves are very different they are effects of the same principle which is this.

Love is that which draws two or more to unity, or oneness. Herod was attracted to the daughter of Herodias and wanted to unite with her.

On the other hand, the disciples fell in love with Jesus and wanted to unite with him.

What is the difference?

With carnal love the person is drawn toward others because of what they can do for him. He who partakes of spiritual love is drawn toward others because of what he can do for them, which in turn elevates his own progress and brings him closer to the Christ consciousness.

The seeker desiring soul contact must learn to differentiate between the two loves and be able to discern the difference in the energy radiated by the two.

The inner spirit, wherein resides the soul, knows only true spiritual love, sometimes called the pure love of Christ. One who is polarized in the lower love will find himself repelled by the higher, and thus has a barrier between him and his soul that must come down if access is to be attained.

We humans are influenced by the power the lower love in many ways. We love our favorite foods, favorite sports teams, favorite musicians, favorite family members, favorite actors, favorite authors etc. The closest the one focused in this love comes to the higher is when he falls deeply in love. This falling in love causes him or her to see beyond any flaws the other person has and for a time will get a glimpse of perfection, or the Christ in the other person. When this happens those affected will receive all that lower love has to offer with a pinch of the higher sensed.

Unfortunately, this falling in love euphoria only lasts for a short while as flaws in the other person become revealed and cause the focus to remain on the outer person rather than the inner.

The assignment to day is to think back to the instant in your life where you fell in love at the deepest point. If you have never fell in love romantically think of a time you felt the greatest amount of love.

If you have had the falling in love experience you have received a taste of the love of the soul or inner Christ. The big difference is that the Inner Christ will not disappoint you by revealing many flaws that distort the love. The soul resides in perfect love that never fails.

As you contemplate your greatest love that was felt try and differentiate in your mind the difference between the lower love and the higher. Do you think you can consistently recognize which is which?

Think on this and we will continue on this subject.

Thought for contemplation:

“I seek the highest manifestation of love and will discern the lower from the higher.”


Day 55

I will recognize Divine Love

The seeker must learn to differentiate between the lower and higher vibrations of love. There is love which is polarized in the emotional self and then love that originates from soul levels. The falling in love feeling is the closest one can get to the soul love without firm soul contact. It is very close because it does draw forth some soul energy, yet because the soul energy is mixed with personality energy it is not as pure in most cases.

The love of the soul directly accessed is very consistent and pure and the vibration is the same each time it is felt. The only difference may be that on one occasion the intensity may vary from another occasion.

On the other hand, when one falls in love over time with two different people there will be much about the two incidents that seem the same, but if one reflects he will realize that the vibration was a little different on both occasions. In both cases the falling in love feeling was great, but the feeling was generated by seeing the inner perfection in the other bringing down soul energy that mixed with personality energy. Thus did the two personalities on the two occasions create a slightly different feeling, even though the depth of the love was similar.

Because this falling in love feeling is so close to soul contact many people who are spiritually inclined feel that God has revealed to them they are supposed to be with a certain person.

The problem is that this feeling can happen with anyone that you open up to and can be quite deceptive. Many people misread the romantic love feeling as direction from God to plunge into a relationship that turns into a disaster.

What complicates this subject even more is there are times that individuals will receive direct communication through the soul confirming that they are supposed to be in relationship with a certain individual. However, the falling in love feeling that is mistaken for soul revelation happens much more often.

We’ve all seen cases where some innocent female falls for some charismatic bad boy and is enamored with him and thinks that love will conquer all because it just feels right. Then most of us have seen that the end result is just as all anticipated except for the couple in love. They couldn’t see it because the feeling was so close to soul confirmation.

This brings us to why this is important information. If the seeker happens to fall in love with the wrong person, yet can realize that it is the wrong person in the midst of feeling the euphoria of romantic love and reject that relationship he has proven he is a candidate for strong soul contact.


Because he was able to see that romantic love was not confirmation from the soul or God.

To find a thing the seeker must know what he is looking for. He will not be able to recognize the sure vibration of the soul if the feeling of romantic love can deceive him into thinking he is receiving confirmation from God.

The euphoria of romantic love has deceived many seekers, even advanced ones that have received some soul contact. The importance of learning to differentiae cannot be overly stressed.

What is not realized is that you can fall in love with any person if the barriers are let down allowing you to see the perfection within. That is why the innocent girl falls in love with the bad boy. She overlooks his flaws and just sees the inner spark from God and this opens the door for the release of the energy of romantic love.

Romantic love has its place, for it is the glue that holds a marriage relationship together, but the place of the pure love of Christ through the soul has a higher place and this is the goal of the seeker of wisdom.

The assignment today is to try and sense a love that is higher and more reliable than romantic love. Contemplate the difference between the falling in love with a personality and feeling the love of the soul.

Even if you do not have consistent soul contact the chances are that you have felt the love of the soul on a number of occasions. It could have been ignited in you by a speaker, a phrase in a book or song, the words of a friend or even a scene in a movie where the hero performs a great deed. When this love is accessed you will feel like weeping no matter how macho you are.

The love of the soul is so beautiful because our Higher Self sees us, as we are in the far future, where we have become perfect and can live in complete harmony with other beings.

Continue to contemplate on feeling this love.


Day 56

I will send love today

Almost everyone believes that the injunction to love your neighbor is a good idea. Indeed, if we expect to receive the joyous feelings of divine love we also need to give them out.

What you do not want to do is approach others out of the blue with a big grin on your face proclaiming your love to them. Wrong tactics are likely to be seen as creepy or invasive rather than loving.

Many attempt to show love in the form of gifts. This is helpful if the gifts are needed. Some gifts are much more appreciated than others. Just the other day I read about a very loving gift. A local businessman was going out to his car when he noticed that a tow truck was about to tow away a ladies car. He was curious and moved closer and heard the woman say she was homeless and the car was all she had. The guy then asked the guy in charge what it would take to release the car back to the woman, They told him that she had a bunch of parking tickets and it would take $475.00 to clear the tab. The guy paid the bill right on the spot and the woman was able to keep her car.

A reporter got wind of this and interviewed the woman and her gratefulness was beyond measure as she didn’t now if she could survive without her car; it was all she had.

The guy who helped her owned several businesses and some perhaps saw him as a greedy capitalist, but this woman saw him as a loving savior, who asked nothing in return.

Some gifts are just gifts, but others like this one stimulates the love of the soul. One should seek to give these type of gifts, and many times the cost will be just a few dollars.

While most of us are limited in the amount of physical gifts we can give our, we all have an equal amount of time. All have 24 hours in each day. The seeker desiring soul contact should dedicate some of his time to service. He can start with those with whom he is living. If married, do your part in the relationship. Then do something extra each day to make your partner’s life more pleasant. The same goes for other family members. If those that live with you are happy in your presence then your inner self will send its approval.

Now reflect on extending your service beyond your family. If you go to work each day do what you can to make someone’s burden a little lighter. Think of all your friends and see if they have any needs that you can fulfill.

Many spend time on social media and there you can spend time lifting up spirits in others or sharing your words in a way that will be appreciated.

There are many lost opportunities for service missed by the average person. Sometimes just a kind word is just what is needed. The problem is that he doesn’t keep an eye out for the opportunities. On the other hand, the person seeking true inner contact will naturally keep an eye out for opportunities to be of service in a way that will be truly helpful.

The assignment today is to go the extra mile in looking for opportunities to serve and help others in ways that will be appreciated. You can start with the next person you meet. Size this person up and ask yourself, before this person leaves my presence, what can I do to make life easier for him or her?

Continue throughout the day to look for opportunities to be genuinely helpful. Let this thought be with you:

“I serve with no thought of reward.”

Copyright by J J Dewey

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